Why we are Jansha?

Welcome to JANSHA MAKEOVER, Jansha is brand led by two beautiful young girls, Jannat and Varsha. The Jansha word is originated by taking first three letters from Jannat and last three letters from Varsha i.e. JAN+SHA = JANSHA. This beautiful combination also have a very good meaning too. Jansha means to BEST or MORE ATTRACTIVE.

How we satisfied our clients?

Being expert in their profession, we are ready to give attractive and glamorous look to you. You must contact Jansha if you require a Makeup Artist in Delhi and NCR. Jansha made number of clients happy and satisfied. We uses branded beauty product to take care of your skin. We keep a healthy and fresh environment around us for all better services.

How we charges?

Our charges are always affordable as compared to other makeup artists available in Delhi. It is just because we believe in making relations. Anyone can contact us for any occasion like parties, bridal makeup and model shorts.

About Varsha(from Jansha)

Varsha is bridal makeup artist in Delhi. A professional with experience, Varsha(from Jansha) is skilled and truly an expert in every sense of the word. Creative and incredibly passionate, she transforms every bride into nothing short of a dream. She is the makeup artist you need if you’re in search of a glam look for your wedding day. Each bride is unique and so are her needs. To exhibit the beauty of her clients, she grasps the essence of this understanding.